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MEP Delara Burkhardt Press Statement

Circular Economy Action Plan

10 February 2021

The European Parliament has adopted two proposals, aiming at transitioning our economy model from a linear to a circular one. This follows the Commission’s Circular Economy Action Plan, published in 2020. Suggested measures involve a right to repair, a prolongation of the Eco-Design-Directive, eco-friendly product design and many more.

Delara Burkhardt, member of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) and speaker for environmental policies of the German SPD delegation, welcomes the result:

“Right this moment, 500 million pieces of clothing are being tossed in Germany alone, to make space for the new collection. Resource intensive goods in perfect condition are being shredded and burnt, since they could not be sold during the recent lockdown closures. Take, make, use, dispose of – if anything its rubbish, it is unsustainable this approach!

It is fatal how little we value the resources our planet has to offer. If everyone consumed as much and fast as the EU, the earth’s annual resources would be exhausted by May each year.

Circular economy means developing goods in a way that there is less pollution, reduced waste, and improved recycling options. All combined with design that gives products a lifespan which exceeds their warranty period.

The Circular Economy Action Plan is a comprehensive strategy that enables the necessary change from a linear to a circular economy. Our aim must be the following triad: Repair and not replace, recycle bin instead of landfill, products designed for life and not for one season.”